Discover your soulmate
What We Do
We spark bonds that last not just this lifetime but into the next. We create connections that blossom and bring out the best strengths inside you.
How Does It Work?
‘Perfect Pair’ Algorithm
Get matched with your actual kindred spirit, a partner for this life and the next. Our patented approach is powered by The Source, a deep learning-based AI that finds your one true love.
Love Knows No Bounds
Life is short. Eternity is forever. Find your special someone in our boundless catalog of souls spanning all of space and time.
Not a day over 30, USA
Enjoys flying cars.
7+ Lives, The Afterlife
Eternal soul forged in fire.
28, His Bedroom
Has been called funny on buses.
Ageless, Locationless
Robots, art, and cat allergies.
60-ish and get off my lawn
Can make your heart melt with music.
29, The Internet
I do photoshoots in fields.
47, On A Mountain
This hawk is my only friend.
42, Oceanside
I'm genuinely having a good time.
25, Floridaville
Watch me shred water.
34, Enlightened
Ask me about the song I'm writing.
Eternal Soul Born of Fire

When I came to Find My Soulflame, I wasn’t sure what to expect. Thanks to the Source, I found my true love and a deeper purpose. And in turn, he helped me discover strength I never knew I had.